Friday, October 15, 2010

Live Blogging: Halloween Party Preparations

Our big birthday/Halloween party is tomorrow!  The insanity begins.  It is 6 in the morning and I am nursing a decaf sweet tea and wishing I drank coffee right now.


Command central is set up at the kitchen table…look at that list of things to do today!!  I can strike off number one…

IMG_0441 setting out 4 sticks of butter and five eggs to come to room temperature.  Yep, it’s a pretty detailed list.  ;)

IMG_0440 Somehow today I plan to turn all this into 48 cupcakes, 3 different kinds of cookies and a green punch.  Well, not the gory looking meat in front, that’s totally the fake meat ds4 bought as a gag at the dollar store lol.

IMG_0439 So far only the cats have decided to help me.  After a good breakfast, grooming, and nap of course.  I’m off to preheat the oven and get this party started.  Wish me luck!

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