Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving, Version 10.0

Get it, ‘cause it’s 2010?  Anyway, we had yet another wonderful family filled Thanksgiving at my parent’s house.  Two of my four brothers and one niece was there from my family and two of dh’s sisters, their families and his parents were there as well.  I’ve mentioned it before, but dh and I have a very “blended” family because we all grew up together.  My brother and dh have been best friends all along, I went to school with dh’s sisters and cousins…we are all quite intertwined lol.

IMG_0671 My brother is always the hit of the party with my boys.  This could be a scene from 10 years ago and the two little boys he is entertaining would have been ds1 and ds2 (although even now at 20 and 15 my brother still cracks them up as well.)  Ds3 saw a game somewhere where you put a card with a clue on your forehead and have to guess the clue by asking questions.  He made up his own version with sticky notes and here my brother is the victim.

IMG_0662  This is my sil and her clone, I mean daughter lol.  They were both texting while I was trying to get the family photo.

IMG_0663 The whole gang…well, actually my niece and her family, one of my brothers and another niece and her boyfriend had already left.  Still a big crew!

IMG_0666 The texting niece is a budding photographer and she took some shots of my bunch and my parents.

IMG_0668 Attempt #1 at a family photo.

IMG_0669 Attempt #Ilostcount.  Check out the look ds4 is giving ds3.

IMG_4355 This is last year’s version.  I had more hair and ds2 had less.  My how time flies.  Poor ds1 didn’t have a completely good day, as he parked his car in the street in front of the house and my dad’s neighbor backed out of his driveway and put a dent in ds’s fender.  :(  Car still drives, though, and he has been a very good sport about it all.  Definitely proud of my oldest son I am.  :)

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  1. Looks like you had fun. Happy belated thanksgiving.


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