Monday, January 10, 2011

Homeschool Week 15

Anyone notice that I completely skipped week 14?  Anyone?  Good.  Our first week back to school after the holiday break was a surprisingly good one.  The boys had been whining so much about the impending return to schooling that I expected all manner of teeth gnashing and fit pitching.  Instead we had quite a productive week (aside from one brief sick day on Thursday when ds3 wasn’t feeling up to snuff.) 

We are in the middle of reviewing 3 separate math resources so we are really mixing it up in that department.  Ds3’s main math curriculum is still Mathletics and he did manage to complete a full week’s worth of lessons and earn his “certificate.”  Ds4 is not liking his Abeka workbook at all and I may switch him over to Mathletics as well.

We are finishing up The Jungle Book.  Hopefully I can rent a Netflix version to watch next week.  Not sure which book to tackle next.  I am awaiting some Amazon funds so I can order the cursive edition of HWT for ds3.  He isn’t really as proficient with his manuscript writing as I wanted just yet, but he has expressed interest in learning cursive so I am happy to oblige.  :)  Ds4 has finished up Get Set For The Code and will move on to the third and last of the “pre” Code workbooks next week.  Ds3 has picked up on his states study again and with our 2 states a week pace he will finish on time for sure.

Can you believe I am considering dumping that new science resource I just implemented?  Yes, it is a good curriculum and all, it just seems to be too easy or maybe just not our style?  I found a human body study in some books I was rearranging over the holidays and I think I’m going to combine that with the RSO sample I downloaded to make up our science for the rest of the year.  History is going great, I am so loving SOTW.  The pacing is great, the narrations are engaging, the extra activities are simple but certainly not “fluff.”  We accidentally skipped over a chapter but will get back on track next week.

We did manage to do some art!  We learned about Mary Cassatt’s style of painting (the boys pointed out that they had seen her work before, I was impressed they remembered) and the boys made their own paintings.

IMG_1117 Smile boys!  I am so over having that table against the wall.  If I can find a proper bookshelf to fit there…

IMG_1118 My only leftie, bundled up in his blankets and attempting a watercolor masterpiece.

IMG_1121 I can’t remember what he described his painting as, I should have written it down!

IMG_1120 Ds4 is helping me review a Spanish video lesson course called Speekee.  Here are some of the worksheets he has completed that go along with the program. 

IMG_1122 File this one under “life school” I guess.  Ds4 is assembling a Lego set by himself, carefully following the instruction booklet.  He finished it and is quite proud of his accomplishment (it’s the new Ninja Go series btw.)

Well, that’s about it for our week.  It is cold and blustery outside, no better time than now to hunker down and enjoy some home learning.  :)


  1. Legos are a great way to learn. We are just finishing a lego lapbook program that was very informative.

    Kathi Sewing, Knitting, Candle Making, Homeschooling Mama

  2. Our kids weren't too happy to return to the routine. Glad your transition went smoothly.

  3. That's the second time this week I've heard the Jungle Book mentioned. Must re-read!

  4. Your days must be really busy. I love the chairs that the kids are sitting in.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today. Yes I have to admit I am trying hard to break the habit of cussing.


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