Friday, January 21, 2011

Homeschool Week 17: Old, New, Borrowed and Blue


This week our homeschooling felt like a real hodgepodge.  Some days were very productive, others eh?  First off, ds3 is still sick.  Remember I first posted about this two weeks ago?  Yeah, the kid has had this stuff for over two weeks now!  I took him to the dr Monday and she saw an ear infection and heard some wheezing so we were sent home with a nebulizer and antibiotic.  Been using the stuff 5 days now and the kid is still coughing (no idea if he’s wheezing, I never heard it before) and his nose is plugged 24/7.  He plays, eats, sleeps a bit fitfully but does sleep, and says he is in no pain.  But a barking wet cough and permanently stuffed nose is not normal.  Dr wanted to see us next week for a recheck but I am taking him back this afternoon.  We’ll see how it goes.

So ds3 has had hit and miss schooling with dr appointments, sleeping late and breathing treatments but he has gotten some work done.  We will classify him under old and blue.  Ds4 is the new and borrowed part of this post lol.  He has begun two new programs for school, Mathletics and a new reading resource we are reviewing (it’s borrowed, get it?  Yep, I am a clever gal.)  Ds4 LOVES doing Mathletics.  Ds3 has been using it all year but I had ds4 doing an Abeka workbook for math (which he pretty much hated.)  Now he asks to do math every morning.  :)

IMG_1181 Ds3 is showing ds4 the ropes with Mathletics.  They love customizing their avatars.

IMG_1183 Mr. too cute!  He went from almost never using the computer to having 3 computer based programs.  Not sure if this is a good or bad thing just yet.

IMG_1189 Okay, it’s a bad thing lol!  No computer available for me!  :)

IMG_1193 In science we studied the respiratory system.  The boys tested their lung power with bubble blowing and I counted their breathing rates at rest and after exercise.  Poor ds3 should probably have been excused from this lesson due to his illness, but he wanted to participate.  Of the resources we are using for this study I have found the Usborne Internet Linked Human Body book the most informative and fun.  There are some really cool interactive sites the book links to that the boys have enjoyed this week.

IMG_1194 We learned about the Greeks in history and ds4 decorated a vase…with shamrocks and animal stickers.  Hmm.  I may need to update our craft supply drawer.

The video version of The Jungle Book arrived this week and we all watched.  I fell asleep but ds4 really liked it.  Ds3 realized early on how different the movie version was from the book and wandered off.  I don’t want to spoil book based movies for him, but I like that he preferred the book.  We have two more weeks of school before our Disney trip!  Woo hoo!  I am just hoping ds3 will be healed and no one else gets anything before the big day.  :)

Linking up to Kris’s Weekly Wrapup this time, hope to visit and see how other homeschooler’s weeks went.


  1. LOVE all the great photos :) We love Usborne Books in our homeschool too!

  2. Stopping by as part of the TOS Crew blog walk.

    Schooling while someone is ill can be quite a challenge. We had that this past Friday and I had a hard time balancing baby, sick son, and other boys needing help.

    My boys love Mathletics and play with their avatars a fair amount.

  3. Looks like a good week in spite of sickness. I hope your son is better soon.

  4. Fun pictures! I'm stopping by on the TOS crew blog walk.


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