Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Press Any Key…Or Not

I got a phone call today with an automated message from the Target pharmacy.  The really nice message voice lady said I could “press any key” to continue.  I don’t think Target thought that phrasing through all the way, or maybe they just didn’t think they would be dealing with a 40-something, sleep deprived because her kid was coughing all night mom.  I didn’t even look at the phone as a pressed a key and promptly got a ring tone.  Yep, I pressed the “off” button.  Any key my…;)


  1. LOL! Well that was a key!
    I answered your comment on my blog, but I thought I'd tell you here too, I get the cats in the bathroom as well, and sometimes both cats and kids. My bathroom is a happening place as long as I'm in it!

    Peace and Laughter,


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