Monday, January 31, 2011

TOS Review: Times Alive!


City Creek Press offers workbooks, cds and other fun products that help students retain math facts by connecting them with memorable visual images, songs and stories.  We were given a download of their Times Alive! multiplication cd to review.

SOT-1 Basically students watch videos with humorous stories and catchy songs that teach them times table facts.  These devices help them recall the facts more easily than rote memorization.  There’s no better way to explain it than with the video below.


Mingled in with the videos and songs are quizzes, tests, and fun virtual painting pages.

Ds3 (10yo, 4th grade) enjoyed these lessons very much and asked to do them every day.  When he would get stuck on a question in one of the assessments he would actually prompt himself with clues…”4x4, that’s the one with the teenager, that’s 16!”  Once I downloaded the software and set him up he could easily access and do assignments on his own.  I didn’t have to watch over or help him with any part of this program.

I am very pleased with this software, not just the method it uses to teach, but the way it is organized and presented.  From a homeschool mom’s view, this program meets my needs with it’s detailed lesson list and student progress reports.


City Creek Press offers the Times Alive! multiplication cd for $48.95 and instant download for $44.95, as well as many more unique products for teaching math facts.  Times Alive! is appropriate for any elementary level student ready to learn the multiplication tables.

I was given a download of Times Alive! to facilitate this review.  I received no further compensation.  To see other TOS Crewmember reviews for this product, click on the banner below.



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