Friday, February 4, 2011

Destination Disney: Favorite Souvenirs


This week’s theme is favorite souvenirs.  Actually the theme for me this week is I LEAVE AT 5 IN THE MORNING FOR A WEEK AT DISNEY WORLD!  Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.  :)


First thing I do on a Disney trip is buy refillable mugs at our hotel.  They are expensive ($13)… even more so since I don’t drink soda and don’t even use them on our trips!  But I have always loved them, they are perfect for sipping water and sweet tea throughout my day and reminding me of all things Disney.  Since we are Disney pros so to speak, having been at least once a year for 20 years now, I like to get souvenirs that are unique to Disney World (will have the parks logo on it somewhere and is only sold at the parks) and useful.  So these mugs really fit the bill.

We also have a nifty collection of professional pics from our Disney trips, both pics taken on rides or by photographers around the parks.

IMG_1248 That’s the wall above my couch, filled with our family fun over the years.

IMG_1249 This is our crowning jewel, a family portrait taken with Mickey at a studio in Downtown Disney.  We ordered the poster sized print (pretty cheap as I recall) and had it framed at Hobby Lobby.  For me, the more unique or personalized a souvenir is, the better.  Be sure and check out more Disney fun at Heidi’s.  Now I have to go pack.  See ‘ya next week!  :)


  1. I absolutely adore your Disney souvenirs! Have a great week!

  2. By the way, I linked you up for this week. I wasn't sure if you were leaving today or tomorrow.


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