Friday, March 18, 2011

Timberdoodle Review: Daily Geography Practice


Timberdoodle is a very useful site with a wide variety of homeschooling products available at discount prices.  I was given the opportunity to review a geography resource with ds3, my 4th grader.

215-304-2T Daily Geography Practice Grade 4 offers 36 map lessons to help introduce basic geography skills and over 100 geography terms.  A new concept is introduced at the beginning of the week.  Students then complete corresponding worksheets, a few questions daily, throughout the week.  The information is presented simply and clearly enough that a student could work on these lessons independently.  The lessons include

  • Globes
  • Compass roses
  • Map legends
  • Map grids and coordinates
  • Map scales
  • Physical state, region, and country maps
  • Projections
  • Road and tourist maps
  • Historical and cultural landmark maps
  • Population and product maps
  • Climate and time zone maps
  • Land use, product, and resource maps
  • Political country, region, and continent maps

IMG_2401 IMG_2492 Ds3 has really enjoyed this workbook.  He is all about lessons that are short and to the point lol.  With just a few questions to answer daily, he hasn’t acted like the work is a chore and he has really retained the information better. 

From a homeschooling mom’s view, I have found Daily Geography Practice to be a very useful resource.  Ds3 is doing a states study this year and adding this workbook has been a wonderful way to incorporate more general geography without overwhelming him.  The workbook pages are easily removed and I am in the process now of putting them in page protectors so I can use them again later with ds4.  There are also some very cool extra resources included in the book, a geography glossary for students to reference and map transparencies to aid in my teaching.

Daily Geography Practice (grades 1-6) is available from Timberdoodle for the discounted price of $21.75.  I think it’s a wonderful addition to our geography studies and plan on getting ds4 his own level for next year.

I received a copy of Daily Geography Practice Grade to facilitate this review.  I received no further compensation.

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  1. We had a huge argument about the countries on the west coast of Africa last week. I had a year of learning where we looked at maps, but that seems to be gone now. Pity! It's very helpful


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