Friday, March 25, 2011

TOS Review: BigIQkids


BigIQkids is an interactive site that provides daily lessons in core subjects to help K-8 students master facts and improve their performance in school.  There are programs for spelling, vocabulary, U.S. States and math.  From the site: is not a software product. We don't teach material to a child. Our learning applications are interactive tools that proactively work together with young learners to create individualized lessons around that particular student's own pace. Our sophisticated 'engines' allow children to work through each lesson, comfortably, without pressure and rigidity, and won't advance a young learner until mastery of that lesson is attained.

In the spelling program a student can use a programmed list or input their own words.  Mastery is achieved through fun quizzes, spelling bees, practice tests and games.  The math and vocabulary programs are customizable as well.  The states program has interactive lessons and quizzes for students to learn state locations, capitals, correct spelling and abbreviations.  Here is an informational video about the site.

Ds3, my 10yo fourth grader used the site for our review.  It was quite timely as we are doing a states study this year.  :)  He logged on each day and did one lesson in each subject.  He worked on these independently with ease.  The lessons were short and the variety from day to day kept his attention.  He enjoyed the states program the most, especially hearing the “tutor” give facts about each state.  He definitely enjoyed practicing his spelling, vocabulary and math more with this site than with traditional methods.  He also liked that he earned a “coin” with each completed lesson and could use the coins to play games.  That was all the motivation he needed to log on each day.  :)

I made use of the customizing features of the programs and used vocabulary and spelling words from ds’s current lessons.  I also was able to set up the math program to concentrate more on multiplication to help him nail those times tables.  The site and program are pretty easy to navigate.  I received regular emails with updates on how ds was doing and if he mastered any of his lessons.  The only issue I had was with the “tutors.”  They are computer generated voices that speak in that droning, run-on kind of manner.  Some of it was confusing when the tutor was listing off state facts since there wasn’t a clear end to each sentence or proper inflection.  Ds didn’t have a problem with it, it’s just my own personal thing. 

BigIQkids offers all four programs in two versions, free and premium.  Here is a video detailing the differences in the two memberships.


Premium memberships range in price from $19.99 per month to $99.99 for 12 months for all four programs.  Individual subjects can be purchased for as little as $7.99 a month.  Complete pricing information can be found here.

I received a one-year premium membership to BigIQkids to facilitate this review.  I received no further compensation.  To see other TOS Crewmember reviews, click on the banner below.


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