Sunday, July 31, 2011

Product Review and Giveaway: DaGeDar

Remember a while back, I had a post telling you to be on the lookout for a new toy from the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets?  Well, thanks to MomSelect, the boys and I received our package and can now reveal what the new toy is!

DGD_HomeTout_WhatIs_0 It’s called DaGeDar.  They are cool looking balls with steel ball bearings inside so they zoom like crazy along a super fast and looping track.  Each ball is a character, like a robot, zombie, hero or villain.  They have codes on them that you can enter on the DaGeDar website to find out more about that particular character.  The track is colorful and easy to piece together.  There are even two ramps so my boys could race their DaGeDar balls.  Check out this video to see them in action…but only if you ignore the messy state of my living room.  ;)

Here is another video, this one with ds4 demonstrating how to score 100 points on the track.

As you can see, my boys enjoyed this new offering.  I like that it’s something they can play with together, the ease of setup, and the fact that it doesn’t take up all that much room (and is surprisingly portable.)   The website is very detailed and has a lot to offer including challenges and an interesting background story about the DaGeDar world.   Look for DaGeDar products to be in stores August 8th.

I have a basic ball set up for grabs.  Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win.  Winner will be picked next Sunday, August 7th.

I received a set of DaGeDar products from MomSelect to facilitate this review.  I received no further compensation.


  1. My kiddos would love this and we've got a few little boy birthdays coming up...

  2. OOh! My son would love this. Thank you for the opportunity and for sharing.
    Discovering Montessori

  3. Please enter me. My boys would love this. Thank you so much for hosting this!

  4. My son picked out some track accessories today at Toys R Us and we only figured out once we got home that the balls are not included. I found your blog by trying to research how to buy more parts. Looks like this toy is so new that you can't buy them anywhere yet. I was glad to see that your boys enjoy it... I know mine will too. :) Once we find the balls we'll be able to test it out.


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