Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer So Far

has been hot, lazy, wet and fun.  We’ve gone to the beach a lot.

IMG_3470 IMG_3485

Ds3 has been learning to surf.  He’s done really well, even stood up and made it all the way to shore on our last trip.

IMG_3546 Our 4th of July was quiet and spent at home, watching the neighbor’s fireworks (with headsets on for ds4.)

IMG_3628 Dh took us out to Chili’s for lunch one day.

IMG_3629 I had soup and pasta.  Not all in one meal mind you…took me three meals to finish that off lol.

IMG_3699 Ds2 turned sweet 16 and got a new guitar.

IMG_3332 IMG_3327 There has been slipping and sliding.

IMG_3435 Afternoon thundershowers.

IMG_3347 My broken toe has healed.

IMG_3475 IMG_3486 Did I mention the beach?

It’s been a great summer so far.  I have yet to begin preparations for school, which starts August 1st.  I just can’t seem to kick my butt in gear.  Would someone mind doing that for me?  Go ahead and yell, I’ve got thick skin.  Just be brutal, tell me to put the kitten down and get started already!  A little louder.  What?  Can’t hear you, the waves are too loud and I have sunscreen in my ear. Thanks for trying!  Ah, summer.

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