Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week Three I Think

Already losing track of time.  Not a good sign.  We had a good to fair week of schooling.  No hurricanes, holidays or other such interruptions.  Somewhat of a routine is developing.  We get ds2 off to high school, come home and eat then dive right in to studies.  We usually finish by lunch and have free time until we pick up ds.  While waiting in the line we do our reading, which currently is Doctor Doolittle.  Both boys are enjoying it.

IMG_5422 The schoolroom is still in transition, but I did get a little “center” set up for our dinosaur unit.  Some books, stickers, flash cards, just there for independent exploration.  Ds4 is really enjoying the dinosaur studies.  I love this picture he produced on his own.

IMG_5421 As I was describing certain types of dinos, he was drawing pics of them.  He would then come over and tell me about them.  His own version of taking notes and narrating.  :)

IMG_5423 This has nothing to do with school.  It just struck me that my laundry sorter hasn’t been empty since I first bought it and set it up years and years ago.  I felt the need to record this bit of history when I actually had done ALL the laundry.  You bet it felt good!!

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