Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Skip And A Hop…

from week 5 to week 9!  I just cannot seem to get back into my blogging groove, which stinks.  I like blogging and it’s a great way to record the boys’ homeschool progress and general family memories.  So why do I keep avoiding it?  I haven’t taken many pictures this year either, of both schooling and general family life.  Sigh.  How do I make myself want to do these things again?

Anywho, the past month has gone by fairly well.  The boys’ routines are still making school much easier for all involved.  They have both finished their Math Mammoth books and I have decided to go back to ABeka math for them both (ds3 with Arithmetic 6 and ds4 with Arithmetic 2.)  Ds4 is loving it!  The colorful pages and variety of work really clicks with him.  Ds3 is not as thrilled as his is some pretty hard work.

Ds4 also completed his HWT and Explode the Code books!  He has moved on the ETC 2 and asked to do HWT cursive.  This young man is stepping up to the plate with his schooling!

In our group studies we are doing Trail Guide to World Geography, an election study and reading The Indian in the Cupboard.

IMG_5465 Here ds4 takes a link off our countdown to election paper chain.

IMG_5464 Ds3 working on our public officials poster.

IMG_5466 The finished product.

We have a busy time coming up.  I’ll be helping with my niece’s baby shower this weekend and of course Halloween is sneaking up on us.  On top of it all my Mom is in the hospital.  What a roller coaster ride that has been.  I’ve been trying to get into town to see her as often as possible.  It sucks when the immediate future is so unpredictable.

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