Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cursive Writing

I never thought cursive writing would go the way of the dinosaurs, but I really see it as a possibility.  Computers, of course, paved the way for cursive’s extinction.  Now that we text, email, etc. there seems to be no need to use cursive.  There is a generation of educators in charge now that came up through the ranks relying heavily, if not solely, on electronic devices.  As a result, cursive, and dare I say handwriting in general, is not a focus in many lesson plans these days.  When I worked holiday hours for Target a few years ago I am sad to report that I had several instances where a teenager or young adult signed their names in print.  Because they didn’t know cursive.  Seriously, they could not sign their own name.

I am teaching my boys to read and write in cursive.  I don’t want it to be a dead language to them.  We are using Handwriting Without Tears, which is an excellent resource for all aspects of handwriting.  Ds3 has actually completed the course and now I have him do various copywork to practice.  He just finished writing America The Beautiful and as a bonus has it memorized.  :)  Poor ds has a few issues against him in his quest for decent handwriting.  He is left handed.  He is on the autism spectrum and writing is definitely a challenge.  He has to go slow and really concentrate, but when he does he succeeds.   Case in point…

IMG_5844 IMG_5843 Today I was a bit unprepared with his copywork so I had him practice writing his name and address.  He has improved so much and I am proud of him for not giving up.  I am also proud that ds4 has asked to join in with cursive instruction, even though he barely has a good grasp of manuscript!  He’s only 8 but working at a 2nd grade level so I ordered him the cursive version of HWT and he has been diligently working in it daily.  I know that the future is headed in the opposite direction of cursive writing but I want my boys to be able to sign their names and read important papers.  Like this…

scan35712 A birthday wish to my youngest from my Mother.  Written in cursive by her hand, gone from us now, but forever preserved.


  1. We just had our son learn cursive as well. we used Loop, Hoops and Other groups. he learned a letter a day and before we knew it, he was done and reading and writing cursive. On his own, he's he decided to work on his signature. I agree with you, cursive should not go the way of the dinosaur.

  2. Even a little progress can make him proud !

    Thank you for Arthur's birthday wishes !


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