Sunday, April 6, 2008

Exercise Challenge

Another week down! That makes 4 in a row for me. I only had one day when I had gotten little sleep the night before and didn't really want to work out, but I made myself do it. I stuck to my schedule of doing aerobics on M, W, and F and weight training on T and Th. I got a little something in my bday card from my parents and ordered myself some new exercise videos. I can't wait! They are both from Denise Austin. One is her indoor walking dvd and the other is called Personal Trainer, where she offers aerobic and weight training options. I like that both have multiple levels and routines in them...more for the money lol. So once again, Yea for me! The littles are so cute, they actually each pretended to put on an exercise show for me...the 7yo did real well, copying moves he'd seen me do with my tapes. The 3yo had me twisting and turning in ways I have yet to recover from lol! But it is great that they want to join in. Hope everyone had a good workout last week, and good luck to all this week.


  1. Hey Julie! You are definitely inspiring. I'm so glad to have all you ladies to workout "with." :-)


  2. aww too cute with the kids :) I love getting new DVD workouts too! Have fun :)



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