Monday, April 28, 2008

Exercise Challenge

Another good week of exercise. I did aerobics (mostly walking) 5 days and lifted weights on T and Th. I used The Firm Cardio Sculpt for the Th weight lifting...that is one good workout. I love that it incorporates aerobics and strength training, yet the aerobics is nice and gentle (but very will get your heart rate up.)

I found a 6 week walking program from Leslie Sansone at the library and I am starting it this week. I read the book in one's great. (See pic on my bookshelf on the sidebar.) She emphasises exercise over diet. She doesn't say to just eat recklessly, but her program is about getting into shape. You walk more miles, and add more intensity over the weeks (with hand weights, ab belts, etc.) And every week she has you do one simple thing to improve your health, such as drinking water or taking a vitamin. I like that it is a gentle push into getting into shape, not a do-it-all-at-once kind of program. And Leslie has so many different dvd's that you have tons of options for working out. I also like Leslie's "style"...she is a bit more real than some of these instructors and also is open about her faith. So here we go, six weeks and counting! Hope everyone had a good week of workouts!

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  1. Hey Julie,

    I am also discovering how neat Leslie Sansone is. I enjoy her workouts! I'm glad to hear she stresses exercise over eating habits. Not that mine are bad, but I am a nursing mother right now and diets aren't the best thing for me, I guess. :-) I do wish I had time to work out all the time! LoL

    I will check out the other video you mentioned - The Firm.


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