Monday, April 21, 2008

Homeschool Hi-Lights Meme

Ellen invited me to join in on a new meme, called Homeschool Hi-Lights. Here's the low-down, from her site. "Join in every Monday for the Homeschool Highlight Meme.Write a post about a highlight from your past week of home learning. Here are some ideas: an accomplishment, an event or outing, a fun learning experience, a new educational product your family enjoys, an unexpected teachable moment. You can also use the Homeschool Hi-Lights graphic, if you want to."

I like the idea of this. I've signed up to do weekly reports before, but I either forget or don't feel like doing such a detailed post. With this we just report on the highlights (if you have any lol.)

I guess our highlight this week would be our nature walk. We are following the Green Hour Challenge at The Heart of Harmony, and we had our 2nd nature walk for assignment #2 (we are a little behind lol.) We actually completed the challenge a day early, as the boys were excited about going on the walk. Only two assignments down, and they are already getting the hang of being more observant about nature. Each one was so excited about finding something new and different to show me, and remembered some of the things we saw and talked about last time. Plus they are really getting to know their neighborhood.

If you'd like to see other homeschool highlights or join in just click here. Hope everyone has a super week!


  1. The Green Hour challenge sounds great. My kids would love being a part of that. The snow is finally starting to melt here and we are excited about spending more time outside.

    Thanks so much for participating in the first edition of this meme. I'm going to keep it going right through summer, too. We don't officially homeschool during the summer. But there is still a lot of learning going on.

  2. Sounds like a great week. Its fun to see what other homeschoolers are doing in their week.

  3. This is a great idea, I may join you next week for this one. Not to bombard you with memes but if you have a review on anything at all-books, products you use at home, anything I'm hosting my first meme on Tuesday's called Tuesday Review beginning next week. Check out my blog for details. I hope you will join us sometime, I think it will be lots of fun!


  4. That Green Hour Challenge sounds like a lot of fun. I am trying something with the kids called "Project Unplugged" where you are given a theme each week to work on instead of spending as much time watching tv (or on computer--lol)
    This week it is "birds." Now if I can come up with lots of activities!

  5. I don't think there is any "behind" with the Green Hour Challenge. It sounds like you are doing great with it! It took longer than 2 weeks for a couple of my kids to get into it. :-)



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