Monday, April 21, 2008

Workout Challenge: Week 6 or 7 or something

I guess I've put in enough weeks of this to actually stop trying to keep count lol. I think this is either week 6 or 7 for me working out every day. That's enough to call it a new habit, right? Last week I did aerobics all 5 days and lifted weights on T and Th. I got to try out my new Denise Austin dvd's.

I like them, although I have to say this about Denise...she just doesn't understand what low-impact means lol. Even on her "easy walk" of just a mile for beginners she is jumping all over the place! Nonetheless, I like the dvd, especially since it has 3 different routines.

The other dvd I tried is called her Personal Trainer series, and on this one you get to pick from beginner, intermediate and advanced for both the aerobics and the weight lifting. You can really customize the workout. Oh, and she has warm-up and stretch on there as well. She doesn't have that on the walking dvd.

Well, I have to begrudgingly admit that all this exercise has given me more energy...this weekend dh and I spent both days doing yard work. This is big for me, as I'm all about spending a weekend afternoon watching a marathon of America's Next Top Model and reading a good book during commercials lol! But I got out there and dug weeds, cleared out the raised garden bed, and raked and scooped up the clippings while dh trimmed our hedges. I have the little red neck to prove it, too lol. So yea for exercise! Hope everyone had a good week of workouts.


  1. I have Denise's prenatal workout DVD. That's been my sole Denise experience and I can't really say she's my kind of workout leader. In the one I have she's just too .. encouraging. lol

    I'm tired just thinking about all that aerobics your doing! I should do at least some of that .. :( but I don't want to. Grr .. if I end up on the elliptical more this week, I'm blaming you.

  2. Hey Julie! That's way cool about your increased energy! :-)


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