Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Million Dollar Cookie

So have you tried this one yet? I am glad a cookie recipe won the prize at the Pillsbury Bake Off this year. I can't wait for Food Network to broadcast the show...we really enjoyed watching last year and I have been a fan ever since of last year's winner's blog, Cookie Madness (even though her winning recipe was not for a cookie lol.) I like that this year's winning recipe is easy, uses everyday ingredients, and is quite adaptable. I made a batch and they went super quick! They look pretty and taste great. (Although my son said he wouldn't pay a million dollars for one...had to explain the whole contest concept to him lol.) Make a batch today!

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  1. Hi Julie,
    That cookie looks good. Unfortunately, I need to lose about five pounds that I found over the winter. Here's the link to the Unplugged project: I am going to put up my post about our bird activities on Monday.
    Have a great day,


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