Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tightwad Tuesdays: Saving On Haircuts

This past weekend we saved $36 by cutting the boys' hair at home. When we go to the barber and all the boys and dh get trims it sets us back more than $50! Dh trims his hair at home more often than we do the boys, and we do occasionally trek them all up to "Miss Marie" (the barber) to get nice cuts, but we save lots of money by trimming them up at home. Dh is really getting good at it...he used to just give them all "buzz cuts" but now he can do a "spike" (the most requested lol) and a nice trim job. (Btw, my job during all this is to stand by with the vacuum. :)

Go here for some instructions on home haircuts for boys.

If you don't want to invest in the clippers and trimmers, check to see if there is a beauty school in your area. We have not only a beauty school, but the local community college also has barbers in training, and both have days where they give free haircuts. For more tips on saving money and living the frugal life, see Mary, a.k.a. Canadagirl and join in on Tightwad Tuesdays.


  1. This is great advice, except I am lousy at haircuts. My husband won't let me anywhere near his head after the fiasco I created once! : )

  2. I am LOL at Pam's comment. There's no way we'd ever try on our boys either. Shaving the dog is as brave as we get. We do have a great hairdresser now that is a lady we used to go to church with. Her rates are low (too low in my opinion) and we get great cuts.

  3. Hmmm. Thanks for the link to how to cut. I am sooo nervous to try this. my husband cuts (read shaves) his own hair; but we don't ever get up the nerve to try the boys. Yikes, we need to though. They need hair cuts every 5 weeks it seems...

  4. We get our hair cut at the beauty school on Wednesdays when it is only $3.00.

    After the 5th cut, you get a free hair cut.

  5. My husband cuts his own hair and the boys' hair too. I'm amazed what he can do with clippers and a hand mirror. He's been cutting his own hair for about 15 years now.


  6. I think this is a great way to save money. I wish the my DH could cut my hair...no, I don't.(-:
    Happy Tightwad Tuesday,
    Mama Karen

  7. Oh.....yes. This is a VERY good way to save money. I can only do one type of haircut (lol) but it works.

    Blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC
    In Him<><


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