Monday, April 7, 2008

Green Hour: Assignment #1

Yeah, yeah, I know I am super late to this game lol. Barb, at The Heart of Harmony, is hosting a Green Hour challenge. From Barb's site: As promised, I am going to start a weekly challenge for families who are wishing to get started with nature study or need to have a focus for each week. We will start off in a gentle, easy to accomplish way and build from there. I think Barb is on week 8...we just did assignment 1 today. For assignment 1 we took a lovely walk in our backyard and down the street to observe nature. When we came home we talked about what we did and saw and came up with two things to investigate further; roly poly bugs and trees. So for the rest of the week we will spend some time researching those two subjects. Here are some pics and quotes from our time outside.

Ds3 checking out some new growth on our crepe myrtle. This tree actually was felled in hurricane Ivan in 2004, but dh replanted it and it seems to be coming back to life somewhat.

As we were beginning our walk down the street, ds3 found a bird's egg shell by the mailbox.

Ds4 found a tiny little feather.

Ds2 found a roly poly. Poor thing resides in a jar on my kitchen counter as I type. I can't really talk, though...I spent many an hour playing with roly polys as a child.

So, we had a great time on our first nature walk. The weather was cloudy, but mild. I'll post later about the kids' findings on their two subjects of interest.


  1. Neat idea... I might need to start this too, even though I am super late... I hadn't heard of it until I saw it on your site.

  2. Hi Julie,

    What a great first Green Hour challenge! That is really interesting about the crepe myrtle tree.

    Don't worry about being on week one, or now week two. This is hopefully going to be an ongoing part of your family's life. You can just work along at your own pace.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom


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