Sunday, May 4, 2008

Exercise Challenge

Rebecca at Mission of Motherhood hosts this wonderful challenge, giving us a place to come every week and share about our experiences exercising...the good, the bad and the ugly lol. It's been a wonderful incentive for me to keep up my exercising goals.
This week I experienced a little of good and bad. I kept up with my exercising schedule and even added in a little extra. Aerobics all days M thru Sat, and weights T and Th. I've still been experiencing a lovely increase in energy...last weekend I did yard work with my dh, this weekend the kids and I washed my car! But I got a bit of a wakeup call about my fitness, too. I hopped on my ds's bike and did fine going down the hill but struggled BIG TIME coming back up. I had to stop three times and actually walked the bike back up the rest of the way home! I'm not as fit as I thought. I am challenging myself to get on that bike every night (too hot during the day here) and hit that hill until I can make it all the way back up.
On another good note, I found two Leslie Sansone walking exercise tapes at the library book sale this weekend! Only $1 each, too. I love having a variety of workout tapes/dvds to choose from. Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Julie, I can't relate to your hill - we live in Texas! LoL No hills to speak of around here, but I know what you mean about branching out and discovering new areas to work on. You go, girl!


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