Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rainbow Lapbook

Valerie at Lapbook Lessons hosts the Little Laplinks group. Every month they pick a theme, share links to resources for the lapbook, and then post the results. This is not only my first time joining in, but my first attempt at a lapbook! I am actually a little late posting this, as it's April's theme, but better late than never lol. The theme for the lapbook was rainbows...I used resources that group members linked to, as I am such a newbie at all this and am still learning and trying to understand the "concept" of the whole lapbook thing.

I have to say, though, that this was so much fun! My 3yo and I worked on the project together. I let him do as much as possible (or as much as he wanted), even practicing his cutting skills. He played with all the little individual books and projects over and over before we even got them in the folder.

Here he is with the completed lapbook.

He enjoyed me singing the color songs book on the left, and doing the color mixing activity shown in the middle.

That God Made Rainbows minibook is his fave. To the right of that, I just folded a piece of construction paper in quarters and on the front wrote "Things that are red, blue, etc. As you open it up...

You see that he found pics of things that were the color and cut them out and pasted them on the correct section.

Our first little lapbook was fun and we will definitely do more. They are a lot of work, but well worth it to spend such quality time with ds. And the ladies of the Little Lapbooks group are so creative they make it easy for me to do so. Many thanks to them all.


  1. Great job on your lapbook especially if you are just starting out! Look forward to seeing more as the months roll by!
    Flowers is up next. Are you doing one? I posted a lot of good links and we are just starting on ours! My son has learned so much since we started this. He is a MUCH better colorer as well!
    Have a fun week!

  2. Julie, I am going to check out Little Laplinks! I've got two littles coming up soon and I can't wait to do some fun things like this with them. I missed out with the older kids because I was too busy doing school at home. ;-)

  3. Your first lapbook looks really great. I think you did an excellent job!


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