Monday, May 5, 2008

Homeschool Hi-Light 4/28-5/2

Ellen at Fun Learning hosts this meme for homeschoolers to share their highlights from their week of schooling. This week one of the highlights for us was completing our first lapbook. Ds4 (3yo) and I worked on a rainbow lapbook for the Little Laplinks group. It was great fun and a wonderful way to spend quality school time with ds. Another highlight would have to be (as usual) our nature walk. These are always great fun and we see something new every week. This week we found a dead butterfly and got to really examine him up close. We also had a tree frog visit and had fun with him as well. I can't wait to visit and see what everyone's been up!


  1. Your rainbow lapbook is adorable. So glad you had fun together working on it.
    Your nature walk sounds great. If it had been my little girls, the frog would have come home with us.

  2. We have never done lapbooks. but they look so neat. My kids are quite a bit older than yours, so I am trying to move into doing "notebooks" this next year. I think it is the same basic principle isn't it? I know I would love to have something to look back on and see their creative juices at work. :-)

  3. Aren't those nature walks great? Especially when you find something dead. On our last walk, we found a skunk's skull. Decomposing raccoons are pretty interesting, too.

  4. The lapbook turned out great! We have been enjoying our nature studies too.



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