Monday, May 19, 2008

Exercise Challenge

Well, I had a good week of exercise. Not a great week, but okay. I feel a little like the "honeymoon" is over in a way, and that the "challenge" part of this has kicked in lol. I don't wake up itching to exercise anymore and some days I skip it. I'm not sure what to do, maybe the new dvd's I ordered will help mix things up a bit and get me excited about it all again. I did upgrade to the 5lb weights for my T and Th weightlifting, and did just fine with them. I dread the summer and the heat...even though I get up early and exercise right away, here it can be in the 80's at sunrise during the summer, so there is just no escaping the heat. I sure sound like a whiner this morning lol. I'll blame it on Monday. To join in on the exercise challenge, or to just see what others are up to with their fitness, see Mission of Motherhood. Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Variety will help, I am sure. It's 115 on my back deck now (in the shade), so I am using my DVD's to exercise. It is supposed to cool down to 80's again by Thursday. Weird weather we are having.

  2. Hey Julie! I've been thinking about ordering some new DVDs, too. I really need an ab challenge, if you can imagine my poor tummy after 5 kids. ;-)

  3. Hi Julie,
    Thank you for your encouraging comment today :o)
    I apologize for not being a very good blogger -- I have not been leaving many comments, just going along here in my own little world.
    The monotony of exercise is one of the things that usually stops me. I decided I am going to do it anyway this time, making it one of those things I just DO, like brushing my teeth (which usually gets done by


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