Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting It All Together (Can you really do it?)

I have not been posting regularly lately. I want to, and I feel like I have plenty of computer time to (well, let's say enough computer time lol), but I just keep forgetting to post! I blame disorganization, and I am working on that. I have memes and such that I enjoy participating in...exercise challenge and Homeschool Hi-Lights on Mondays, Tightwad and Review Tuesdays, etc. But the day will creep on me and I will realize I never posted. Or I remember and realize I haven't prepared a good post and sit there staring blankly in front of the computer (don't worry, the kiddos are used to it lol.) You know what the worst excuse is? I go about my day composing a post in my head, but never post it! Like I guess my brain figures I've thought it all out and the deed is done. I am behind reporting on two Green Hour challenges we have completed, I have tons of recipes typed up in drafts, I have neglected to update my book shelf and post reviews on what I have read. It's just a mess and I'm tired of it.

I am actually a pretty organized person. It just seems that this year, homeschooling 3 children at 3 different levels, and running the home, has just gotten the best of me. I went to address my ds1's graduation announcements and found my address book sorely lacking. My brother moved over 3 years ago and I still hadn't written down his new address! How sad. I think my main problems are as follows: lack of adequate planning materials, not using my time wisely, and not planning far enough ahead.

Now my plan of attack to solve these problems? Well, let's review the first one, my lack of adequate planning materials, emphasis on adequate. I have a weekly planner that I have been using for 2 years now and really enjoy, Amy Knapp's Family Organizer. This planner has been great for me, and I do recommend it. It has weekly and monthly pages, menu and grocery lists you can tear out and take shopping with you, inspirational quotes, and sections in the back for addresses and babysitter info. As I have begun blogging in earnest, and have 4 children to track, however, it lacks enough space to list out my daily goals or to-dos. I researched other planners and decided to try one that has two pages per day. The Franklin Covey line of planners is super, but also super expensive. I found a wire-bound two page per day planner from Rediform on Amazon and ordered it. Hope it gets here soon.

Problem #2, not using my time wisely. I am actually a great multi-tasker. Especially in the kitchen. During the "dinner hour" I'll have dinner cooking, be emptying and refilling the dishwasher, folding and putting up clean clothes, even making a dessert and monitoring the kids with a craft. During the day I'll have the kids busy with school and still fit in making the beds and cleaning the bathrooms. But then I have those days...oh, those days. I get absent minded and distracted for some reason. I'll put in laundry and forget about it. I'll make a few phone calls and suddenly dh has walked in the door from work and nothing's done! And the aforementioned problem with remembering to post. I am hoping the new planner will help with this, and other than that I really don't know what to do.

Problem #3, not planning far enough ahead. Here's the deal with that. For some reason, my brain lives in this dream world where all events and holidays are far in the future lol. And then one day I ask the cashier what the date is and realize it's my Mom's bday. BAAAAD. Really BAAAAD. Or St. Patricks's Day pops up and I have no neat plans or lessons for the kids. This will only be resolved by setting aside time, at least once a week, to get out the calendar and "just do it!" Again, I'm hoping the new planner will help with this. And I just realized I am putting a lot of hope into this new planner lol!

Okay, that was like a big old rant there, but I feel better for articulating the problems I'm having and setting goals to solve them. I am not pressuring myself, but hoping to sort all this out over the summer and start good and organized by the new school term. Yeah, dream big. :) Until then, please forgive my spotty posting.


  1. I hear ya!! I have those days where I can get everything done, and then just the opposite. I too have been thinking a planner would help. And I think you have to have a set time each week, just for you, outside of the house to sit down and plan. I'm hoping a Sunday routine with coffee, paper and planner will be in my future. Let me know how the planner you ordered works out for you.

  2. I would say the same holds true for me this year. In the past, school kinda just fit in to the day. This year (3 kids at 3 different levels) has truly kicked my butt. Can you say, "Bye, bye social life!"?

  3. I know what you mean. Lately, it seems that I can barely remember what I am supposed to do during the day! A planner would be a great idea for me too!


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