Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting It All Together Update

My planner arrived! In a priority mail box no less. I like it, it's just about what I envisioned. Now I have that "sitting in front of a blank planner with no clue where to start" thing going on lol. I did make other progress in my attempt to become more organized...I kicked the kids off my desk. Whoo hoo! Let me explain.
We homeschool in the dining room. The poor little room (well, it's not really even that small) is filled with the computer desk and our dining room set (a large table with 6 chairs.) We had to take out the matching china hutch to make room for the desk. And it's a very nice desk, several shelves on the hutch, a drawer and cabinet for the computer tower, just lots of room. That is until you put the 8 year old dinosaur of a monitor on it lol. Add in 3 children on it all the time and you have a mess. I was so frustrated, spending precious time clearing off and organizing the desk only to come in to use it and find the kids' stuff everywhere or that they had moved my stuff to make room, you get the idea. Also, with 4 people using one computer, the memory and hard drive were getting the point where I lost two different homeschool tracking programs and all the info from the year! So my wonderful dh stepped in and bought me a laptop. Even though I don't like laptops. But I like mine, and am getting used to it. :)
This solved my computer problems, but I still had no desk. And I need a desk. You know, to do all the planning? To put my new planner? To sit at and run the home? So today, I kicked the kids off my desk. I put the desktop computer in ds's room temporarily until we can get a small computer desk for them to put here in the living room. And I now have sooo much room! (But I'm typing this out with the laptop in my lap to ds's dismay lol.) Now I will have my own space which will stay clean and organized for more than 1/2 a day after I clean and organize it. I have a place to put the laptop and connect it to the printer. I just have space!!
The journey continues...

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