Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Reviews: Fur Fighter Hair Remover

Angela at Homeschooling and Loving It hosts Tuesday Reviews, where we can share our reviews of just about anything! I love seeing what products have worked for other moms and their families...talk about saving time and money! So please, join in today.

This week I am reviewing Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover. My kids and I both love this product...and my husband loves the results lol. We have 4 cats, three of whom spend at least some part of the day inside. Their favorite hangout?

My furniture, of course. But come on, how cute is that? How can I say no to these two buddies? They play together all day and then nap on the couch. The little black one, Mimi, even licks Winston's face while he sleeps. But of course, they are cats and they leave hair and dander behind. And with summer coming on quickly, they are shedding even more, getting their summer coats. How have a tackled this cleaning chore in the past? With the heavy, loud vacuum. With expensive and ineffective lint rollers. With inexpensive but cumbersome tape. Well, no more! The Scotch Fur Fighter worked great, was easy to use (all of my kiddos fought to take turns with it lol) and really did a thorough job. You just put on the little grippy sheet and brush the furry area in any direction. When you are done, toss it. This thing picked up more hair and dander than I even realized was there...besides Mimi I have another all-black kitty and sometimes it's hard to see her "contributions" to my upholstery lol. My only complaint about the product...there should be a pic of a kitty on the packaging lol! If you follow the link I provided there is a coupon for $4 off the starter kit...great deal.


  1. Wow that sounds interesting. That's something I need to check out. I was cleaning this weekend and I'm amazed by how much hair is on our catch and how much is on the floor when I just cleaned YESTERDAY!

    Good tip.

    Thanks for visiting my blog http://pursnsnorts.blogspot.com

  2. Wow, I will have to TRY this. I am always struggling with hair with 2 cats and 1 dog. Thanks so much, your cats are too cute! I love the pic of them.


  3. Interesting product - I hadn't heard of it. Yes, they are definitely way too cute to say "no" to!!! Our goofy dog is asleep on our love seat as I type...

  4. I'm on the opposite side of this one. Barely picked up any hair at all..mostly dirt and caused some static electricity.

    I even made a video of this thing because I was so disappointed!


    Thanks again for a nice read!



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