Friday, June 13, 2008

Destination Disney: Photo-characters

Jennifer at Snapshot hosts Destination Disney, where we can share photos, tips and advice about all things Disney!! This week's photo theme is characters. Man, I have so many pics of my kids over the years with characters it's hard to choose.

Sorry that one's sideways...this is from a character breakfast at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom with all the characters from Pooh. Notice my youngest looking up at Tigger.
This is from the MGM Studios (now called Disney Studios) with monsters inc...notice my little one shying away.

This is from our latest trip last Februrary. It's special to me because it's my oldest, just days shy of his 18th bday, still willing to pose with his mom with Pluto and Goofy. Top it off with we were both soaking wet, right off the Kali River Rapids Ride lol! Oh, this is at Animal Kingdom.
That is just a sampling of the character photos we have taken over the years. Notice I'm in all of them? My boys most often shy away from characters, but if I play the "oh, do it for mom" card, and join in, they feel more comfortable with it. Can't wait to see everyone's photos!


  1. Oh, I'm too familiar with that wet-sock, wet-hair, wet-shorts-rubbing thing from going on those water rides.

    But I can't stop myself from going again anyway!

    Hey -- saw in your sidebar you homeschool. I have a new blog for educational freebie finds: Send it to anyone it might help!

  2. Great pics! I need to go dig out my albums and get some posted. It's been a long day!

  3. So glad you joined in.

    I love your "about me"--like to read, cook, and read about cooking." I can relate!

  4. Great pics!! Love the soaking wet one.
    My DH refuses to go on that ride anymore because he has gotten soaked EVERYTIME he went on. LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    Enjoy the FL sun!

  5. We looked just like you at Animal Kingdom! We were soaked from riding Kali, and it was drizzling.

    Love your pictures!

  6. Love those character shots. I have a hard time getting my kids to pose with anyone, even with the "do it for mom" guilt. : )


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