Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Review: The Mom Agenda

Angela at Homeschooling and Loving It hosts Tuesday Review, where we can post reviews of books, products, just about anything that has worked for us. This week I'm sharing my impressions of The Mom Agenda planner.

I got my agenda from Trish at 24/7 Moms in a giveaway-in-exchange-for-a-review deal. It couldn't have come at a better time! I made this post about how my current planner was no longer meeting my needs and that I was shopping for a new planner (not too much fun, btw.) The Mom Agenda is great. First off, it's quite stylish with a supple faux leather cover in several pretty colors (I chose Fuchsia...in a houseful of boys, I take it where I can get it lol.) I love the size. Big enough to have plenty of room for writing and reading comfortably, but small enough to be portable.

Now, what's unique about the Mom Agenda? For one, the layout of the week at a glance pages. (That link will take you to a pdf that you can print up and try for yourself!) The week is laid out across two pages, with space to plan Mom's morning, afternoon, and evening, and then space to plan the day for up to 4 kids. (Hey, I have 4 kids!) At the bottom of the day is space to note dinner plans. This layout is very helpful in keeping track of different plans for different people all on the same page and at a glance.

This is a (very poor) pic of my Mom Agenda and the Mom Essentials booklet that comes attached to the back of the agenda. The Mom Essentials is a place for addresses, phone numbers, medical info, and birthday and anniversary lists. The great part about the Mom Essentials is that you only have to fill it out once...you can remove it from your old agenda and put it in any new versions you buy! I will admit, that is one thing I have always dreaded about buying fresh planners for new years...having to re-write my whole address book and etc. So the Mom Essentials is a great idea!

The Mom Agenda also has monthly planning pages, sections in the back for planning vacations, tracking health and fitness, planning parties, and even some blank pages for making notes. In the front there are pages with popular and useful websites, a list of holidays, and a toll-free numbers listing to major airlines, credit card companies and hotels. Very thorough and helpful indeed.
My overall impression of the Mom Agenda? A unique and useful yet still very stylish planner that will help moms everywhere stay organized and on top of their busy schedules. 5 stars! Be sure and check out Angela's site for more Tuesday Reviews...aw, go ahead, just join in why don't 'ya!?!


  1. That sounds like a cool planner. It sounds right up Angela's alley. I don't have kids yet, but I like to read about organizational stuff, probably because I'm not organized LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog. And I do encourage you to make a scrapbook for each pet. It's so much fun. And you don't have to do it in the same way I have (the first year and then significant events) Use your imagination. The best part is that you are truely capturing the personality of your beloved pet in these books to enjoy now while they're with you and someday (hopefully far far away into the future) when they're not with you. It's such a wonderful thing to have. Pets bring so much joy to our lives and we should always want to remember that joy. It's especially good for little kids too, I think. They may have a harder time remember that special pet that was in their life when they're older.


  2. fyi.... I found a WeekDate weekly planner this year and love it. Fits my needs very well with all my family's fixed activities. My sister purchased their wall calendar for her needs. Pretty handy.

  3. This looks AWESOME, I will be checking it out for sure. I love the way it looks (very important to us women) men would just laugh if we said our planner needed to be pretty wouldn't they? Its so great you got this for an exchange for a review! LOVE IT! Thanks for joining us this week!



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