Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Another Day At The Beach

100_2768 Actually, it was just another day at a local park on one of the many bays in our area.  My parents used to bring my brothers and I here when we were young.  It got hit hard by Hurricane Ivan, but the community rebuilt it even better than before!  Above you see ds4 enjoying lunch in the gazebo.

100_2776I can honestly say I've never seen ducks here before lol.  These were part of a group that hung out with us all day!  They even followed us into the water (at a distance of course.)

100_2797This park offers something for is ds1 fishing off the end of the rebuilt pier.  He caught a few fish and a nasty sunburn.

100_2796 Not to be outdone, ds2 found an old hook with a bit of line still attached on the end of the pier.  He tied it to a stick...and yup, caught a fish!

100_2782  Here are ds3 and ds4 frolicking in the water.  One of the reasons we prefer to swim in the bays (we've always called these waters the "sound") is that the kiddos can run in and out and not worry about the waves of the Gulf.

 100_2803 Of course, you can't have a day at the beach without catching a sea creature or two lol.  It was a wonderful family fun day.  Hopefully we will be able to hit the "real beach" on the Gulf soon.  Now go out and have your own "fun in the sun!"


  1. what a lovely day
    I cant wait till Summer

  2. That looks like great fun!

    Thanks for the laptop tips. I really like my Dell computer, but I've been hearing a little about Macs and am curious.

  3. It looks like you have been having lots of fun this summer. Sorry to hear your son was sick though. Hope he is feeling better now!


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