Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Homeschool Toolbar

Tiany at Less of Me More of Him has announced a new resource for homeschoolers, The Homeschool Toolbar. Here is the info from her site.

The Homeschool Toolbar!
It's free of spyware or viruses, does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, allows you to control your privacy features such as cookies and cache from the toolbar and no personal information is required. It has a Google powered search box, includes an email notifier where you can add all of your email accounts in one convenient place such as Yahoo, Google, persona, business it will notify you when one of your accounts receives mail!The Homeschool Toolbar features include:

Homeschool Resources
The Latest Homeschool & Parenting News
Web search using Google
Integrated Homeschool RSS feeds
Homeschool blogs
Category browsing
Search highlighter
Tons of quick shortcuts
Weather forecast
Quick links to The Homeschool Lounge
Organizing tools such as a To do list, notepad, calculator, conversion charts, maps and more
Radio connected to "Positive & Encouraging K-LOVE" , NPR or your favorite local radio station (this feature is optional and can be added or removed, as can all features..) Lastly, it will NOT slow your computer down!To learn more about this amazing and resourceful tool and download your own you can visit the Homeschoolbar website at HOMESCHOOLBAR.COM !If you have a blog,or website you think the homeschool community would benefit from please contact The Homeschoolbar HERE We are also taking submissions for Homeschool Mom owned businesses!Get your Homeschool Toolbar today! You wont want to surf the web without it!

Okay, so I admit, I am a one-tool-bar kinda gal lol. I hate when programs you download hijack your toolbar and add their own (i.e. google, etc.) I have Yahoo as my homepage (easy to get to my email, news updates, and a great search engine) and on my toolbar. So I was doubtful about this new toolbar, but decided to download and try it just to be fair. I have been using it all week and have to say I am pretty happy with it. It's attractive and informative and kinda fun. The part I like the best is the email option...a place where you can add all your email accounts and check them from the drop down. This has been great for me, as I have my main email account (for family) and a Yahoo account for signing up for things. Now I can see them both at the same time. I also like the little radio feature, which you can easily customize and turn on and off (I'm not that person who can do things with a t.v. or radio going in the background lol. I like my quiet. Well, as quiet as a house with 6 people can get.) There are features where you can get your weather (82 degrees and partly cloudy right now for us) and links to various blogs, message boards, and rss feeds for homeschooling sites. I wish those were a little more "customizable" however (unless I just haven't figured that part out yet.) I would like the links and feeds to be to just the blogs and sites I like.

Anyway, the point of all this? I like the toolbar, have found it to be quite helpful and fun, and am not only going to keep it, but recommend it to homeschooling families out there (you know, there, where you are.) And the icing on the cake, Tiany is having a giveaway for linking to her announcement of The Homeschool Toolbar and leaving a comment. So here I link. And hope I win (or at least someone out there wins lol.)

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