Thursday, June 26, 2008

June Lapbook: Bugs


I am a member of the Little Laplinks group hosted by Valerie at Lapbook Lessons.  Every month we pick a theme for a lapbook with our little ones.  The theme for June is bugs...and ds and I actually completed it in June!  Yea!  We had a lot of fun with this one, our third lapbook so far.  We, btw, is my ds4 (3yo) and me.  We would have days where we did nothing, and then days where we spent most of the day together working on the lapbook (and revisiting the two others we have made.)  Now that school is out I can really focus on ds4, since most of the stuff we do is really hands-on and meant to be done with lots of parental help.  I'm glad we had the lapbook to work on together and that we got to spend so much time just the two of us.


Here is the cover.  We had so many little books and things we made a "double folder" (sorry, I don't know all the "technical" names for things yet, basically it's two file folders glued together.)  I got the big ladybug from and the little pics from a pre-made bug theme at


The first section.  On the left is a little booklet that compares bugs and a pocket holding some cards depicting the life cycle of a ladybug which ds can put into order.  In the middle is a little book made up of fact cards with a pic of the insect and info on it.  Below that is a little book that details the various ways bugs move.  On the right is a worksheet ds completed, coloring the specified number of bugs.


Here we see the fact book opened up to the dragonfly card.


The second section.  On the left, a cute little rhyme I got from Carissa that my ds just loves to sing and act out.  In the middle is a butterfly shapebook that tells the story of how butterflies grow, and a another booklet that tells how bugs are similar.  On the right is a color matching game.


The color matching game opened up.


The last page of the bugs booklet, where ds drew a pic of his favorite bug.  How cute!


On the back of the lapbook is another matching game that I got out of an older issue of The Mailbox Magazine.

Well, there we go!  Lots of fun and learning as well.  We even did a craft, a caterpillar made out of an egg carton.



I don't know who's more precious, the kiddo or the one-eyed caterpillar lol!


Here is ds playing one of the matching games.  Pardon the casual attire, it is summer after all lol.

Besides the ideas from the wonderful ladies at Little Laplinks, I used purchased templates from and the Flowers and Insects book from Hands of a Child.


  1. Your lapbooks look really great. I have been wanting to start but we never had enough time. Hopefully, we can fit them into the new year. Have a great weekend and thanks so much for praying for my brother.

  2. Oh you guys did wonderful! I love when children get a chance to draw their own bugs, they always come out soooo cute!

    So glad you could join us this month!



  3. These little lapbooks for littles look like a lot of fun! Thanks for letting us know about them!



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