Friday, June 27, 2008

Destination Disney: Fireworks Shows

Every other Friday, Jennifer at Snapshot hosts this opportunity to share our experiences with all things Disney! This week's topic is, appropriately, fireworks shows. I wish I had some pics to share, but I couldn't find any. I think we are all just so taken with watching the shows we never have taken photographic evidence lol.

All the parks, except the Animal Kingdom, host fireworks displays (nightly, except in slow seasons.) The Magic Kingdom show begins with Tinkerbell "flying" from the castle across the sky and has spectacular fireworks going off behind the castle set to familiar Disney music. Of course this is a very popular event and draws big crowds. The best spot we have found for seeing the show in the park is to the right of the castle, on the path to Tomorrowland. Tink flies over your head there. Our best in-the-park view actually came about unexpectedly. We were hitting rides in Fantasyland right before park closing (a great time to do so, as everyone else is queuing up for the fireworks.) As we exited the last showing of Mickey's Philharmagic the fireworks show began. It seemed like they were going off right over our heads! And there were no crowds around us! I suspect it was all a bit of good, yet unplanned, timing on our part. Our most magical viewing of the Magic Kingdom fireworks came outside the park. We had just returned to our hotel, the Polynesian Resort, and were headed to the main building by way of the pool. Just then the fireworks began and we stopped and watched them and their reflection in the water. It felt like our own private show. We have also watched them from the beach at the Polynesian (after the nightly lighted boat parade.)

Epcot's fireworks are quite elaborate and draw large crowds as well. However, they are staged on the lake and there are many viewing opportunities all around the World Showcase. Just remember, people do start saving spots early. This show is not just fireworks but lasers as well and is quite memorable. Our favorite way to watch this show is when we stay at the Yacht or Beach hotels. You can walk to Epcot's "secret" back entrance into the World Showcase right before the show starts and enjoy. Epcot can get kinda "buggy" in the warm months so you may want to spray on a little bug repellent before nightfall.

Disney Studios has Fantasmic. We have only been once. It is held in a big stadium that fills up quickly and you have to go early for a seat. When we went our little ones were pretty little and didn't do well with the waiting. The show is very entertaining, but imo more for older children and adults.

I know that there are several special ways to enjoy the fireworks, including cruises and dinner shows, but we've never done those so I can't really offer advice on that (other than this link.)


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