Sunday, June 29, 2008

Outdoor Hour #9: One Small Square


We are trying to keep up with the Outdoor Hour challenges, hosted by Barb, over the summer.  It's hard lol, as the kiddos have been involved in swimming lessons, trips to the beach and general summer fun.  Anything even remotely related to "school" and they balk ;)  But I did manage to get them interested in this assignment, as it involved garden tools and digging.  We picked a spot near the treehouse for shade and I let the boys go at it.


Here is ds2 and his helper ds4, marking out the one foot square plot.


Let the digging begin!  And some "heated discussions" as I only had two trowels and 3 helpers.

The results?  Nothing.  Nada.  I kid you not, they saw a couple of ants, picked out a few little rocks, and that was that.  They insisted on digging deeper and deeper, but still nothing.  We discussed how the soil changes and such so it wasn't a complete loss.  And boys consider it a good day if they get dirt under their nails, so there 'ya go.

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