Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Wonderful Week

I haven't been blogging much this week. It's been a great week for us. My oldest graduated high school! We had family over for a quick dinner and then all headed out to cheer him on. Didn't actually get to see much of him there...about 500 were in his class! I graduated from a class of 96 students, so I was imagining a more intimate affair lol. However, the ceremony was held in the stadium, and my mother is in a wheelchair so we couldn't sit in the stands. We stationed ourselves along the track in some shade (still pretty hot, though) and watched from the sidelines so to speak. My parents, my mil and nephew, and two of my brothers and their spouses were there. Since the ceremony ended after dark they even had fireworks! It was quite lovely, and we were very proud of our first born. Afterward he headed to a project graduation party at the local bowling alley (a drug and alcohol-free "lock-down" event where the kids stay until dawn) and he said he had lots of fun there.

Today we have just been enjoying a slow family day at home.

School is over for my other lads as well. I have begun working on assembling their portfolios in preparation for our evaluation later this month. I have also started planning next year's curriculum, researching some on the web and visiting local bookstores. I have also been busy making plans for our summer. I've actually had great luck finding free activities to help occupy my little ones' time. We start out with swim lessons at my Alma mater (not free, but well worth it and necessary living where we do), then the "sea star" and "junior ranger" programs at the Gulf Island National Seashore (free, except for the darn gas to get there.) We will also be going to free movies with their cousins once a week, and Home Depot has a free workshop the first Saturday of the month (this month they make a catamaran and next month a birdhouse.) Of course there will be plenty of excursions to the beach, parks and library, as well as an out-of-town wedding (my niece) and a family reunion later this month. I think we will have a busier "vacation" than school year lol.

I do plan on continuing to post during the summer, probably like a lot of other homeschooling moms, just not as often. I'll share my curriculum plans and finds, our summer adventures, and participate in many of the memes I enjoy. But I also plan on just enjoying my family while we have more time to do so together. I hope all my bloggy friends get to do that, too.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Congrats on your sons graduation! I know you are all proud of him. Did your son decide he wants to go to public school this fall?
    I think we went to the Gulf Coast national park while we were in Pennsicola last year.
    Now the kids are bugging us to take them back to Pennsicola because they liked the beach there so much. Hubby also has a former coworker there who just found out he had a brain tumor and not long to live, so hubby would like to see him too.
    Have a great day!


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