Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5 Minutes For Books: What's On Your Nightstand?


5 Minutes For Books, possibly my favorite new site, is hosting a couple of monthly carnivals that I am excited to join in on.  The fourth Tuesday of the month is What's On Your Nightstand?  Well, I'm so glad you asked! :)


Yes, I realize this is not my nightstand, although it is next to my side of the bed, so technically...anyway, it's my new bookshelf, lovingly referred to now as The Library.  As part of our planning and preparation for the new homeschool year, my wonderful dh moved this super set of shelves from our garage to our bedroom so I could put all our books in one central place.  I love it.  And I get to stare at it every night in bed.  As such, I have been looking at books I haven't read or even seen in years.  Which has led me to read them again!  I have been enjoying visiting long forgotten places and characters while re-reading my collection of books.  I just finished The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan, one of my favorite authors of all time.  I am now starting the Mitford series by Jan Karon again.  Oh, what fun! 

This brings me to the other monthly carnival that 5 Minutes For Books is hosting, this one on the first Tuesday of the month. 


The Classics Bookclub!  For the month of August we will read Pride and Prejudice and then link up on Sept. 2 with our reviews and impressions of the book.  And guess what?  Pride and Prejudice is on my bookshelf. :)

So be sure and join in on these cool new carnivals at 5 Minutes For  Books.  Hey, mom needs to keep up with her reading, too!



  1. That's great to have all your homeschool and personal reading books on one bookshelf beside your bed. We need to get organized for our upcoming homeschool year.

    I read Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan and also enjoyed the movie.

  2. What do you do with all the books you read? That is a problem I am having as my bookshelf is now at capacity.

  3. buy more shelves! I loved the Mitford books. Father Tim, I'd like to sit and talk with him.

  4. I laughed outloud when I saw the picture of your "nightstand." How perfect is that!? And thanks for linking back to the carnivals. It's so much fun!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh it's always a lovely thing to revisit old favorites.

    Thanks for the compliment on the site--it's one of my new favorites too :)

  6. So glad you are enjoying the new site. I am too! How handy to have all those books right at your fingertips!

  7. Anyone who liked the Mitford series should read EGRET COVE. The first in a series, it's about life, love, and learning to laugh in the twilight years


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