Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey, Where Is She?

I'm here, I'm here.  I am attending the virtual homeschool conference at Heart of the Matter.  Day one was pretty cool...I am listening live to these people who are who knows where, they are answering my questions in the text box, it's just neat to me.  I know my kids think it's old hat, but it is new to me lol.  In between the talks I have been downloading the freebies and visiting the "vendors" and getting some great deals on ebooks.  My back hurts from sitting in this chair so much, and my head hurts from the headphones I borrowed from ds, but hey, no pain no gain lol! 

I missed a lot of of yesterday's talks, as it was evaluation day for us.  We got the evals done and turned in just on time...what a load off my mind!!  I knew it would get done and that things would be okay, but it just lingers in your thoughts until it actually does get done.  Now we are just waiting for Monday and the start of our school year! :)

I will get my posts on the homeschool planning process up soon.  And thanks for all the comments from those visiting from my link up at 5 Minutes For Books!  Lots of "kindred spirits" there. :)


  1. I'm excited to hear about your planning! :)

  2. I hope the virtual conference was lots of fun and a great help to you!
    It sounds really interesting. Have you started school yet?
    We start tomorrow.


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