Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So many posts, so little time...

I've fallen a little behind in posting due to that virtual homeschool conference and starting school this week so I'm going to combine some thoughts into one post...hey, it's called multi-tasking!  No, really, it is.


I did manage to exercise last week!  Three days if I remember correctly.  Sitting at my computer for those conference talks actually hurt my back so much that I hopped up during the middle of one and walked right into the living room, popped in a Leslie Sansone dvd and did a workout right there, out of the blue.  Barefoot, no exercise clothes, just jumped right in and walked 3 miles.  And I felt better for it. :)  Join Becca at Mission of Motherhood for more exercise challenge participants.  And darn it, some of those ladies are actually losing weight.  What are they doing that I'm not?  (Besides sticking with the whole eating-less-and-exercising-more thing lol.)


This week I want to review my new purse...the Buxton Over-The-Shoulder bag.  Yes, the one you see on t.v.  Only I got mine at Wal-Greens of all places.


My 7yo son actually got this for me.  He saw the commercial, of course, and just figured I needed it.  I haven't actually carried a purse for years...my boys are spaced 5 years apart and every time it became clear that I no longer needed to carry a diaper bag, I had another baby lol.  However, with baby #4 I actually used a small backpack...much roomier but easier to carry.  Well, ds4 is now potty trained and they all carry their own backpacks now with snacks or drinks or changes of clothes when we go out, so once again I am a purse carrying woman!

I do like this bag for many reasons, the #1 reason being the little compartment for the phone.  Truly it is very easy to access your phone with this bag.  I also like that there is a zipped pocket on the front where you can keep things you access all the time, i.e. wallet, checkbook, a pen...so that you don't have to actually open the bag as often.  I also like that it is designed to be worn over the shoulder and my arms are free for toting a toddler. :)

There are a few drawbacks, as with any product.  The zippers are kinda cheap, and fall off easily...you have to be gentle.  Also, this bag is not big.  The ads say it fits all this stuff, but only because it has these mesh sides with zippers so the bag can expand.  Let's just say it can be a tight fit. ;)  But I'm okay with that, as now that I'm not packing clothes, wipes, snacks, legos, matchbox cars, etc. I travel much lighter.  Plenty of room for the essentials, which is pretty much all I carry.  For more product reviews, check out Angela's Review Tuesdays.


Yes, we did start school again this week.  Monday was a great day for ds2, my 8th grader, and a horrible day for ds3, my 2nd grader.  'Nuff said.  No, please, don't make me relive it.  Today was much better!  Maybe the child just does better on odd numbered days, who knows.  I am doing math, reading and writing individually with the boys, but science and history/geography I am covering with all three at once, just on different levels.   Our themes for this month are the human body and the Olympics. 


Here is a really cool book we found at the library, and some of the little books and worksheets that the boys have already completed.  Today they also practiced writing their names in Chinese and we discussed some of the history of the Olympics.  They seem to enjoy working together for these subjects.

Yes, I agree, this post was just way to long!  Even I don't want to read it all lol.  Hopefully as we get back into the swing of things I will get back into a better routine for blogging.  Have a wonderful week!

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