Thursday, July 17, 2008

Homeschool Planning: The Library a.k.a. my 100th post

I can call it the library now, instead of just the huge amount of various books we own, because they are all together here...


Isn't that just beautiful?  These shelves are big and solid wood.  They were cast out years ago from some office where dh works  and he salvaged them.  They have been out in our garage since we moved into this house (oh, only about 5 years now lol.)  In our old house I had a lovely homemade shelving system for our library.  And now I have one here!  Before now all our books were scattered individual bedrooms, out in the garage, in closets, in boxes on the floor.  Now they are all together.  Not only that, as I have been gathering said books for this organizing project, I have been putting them into a Works doesn't look like it from the pic, but the list has over 400 books!!  (There are some children's books on a small shelf in the living room that account for a lot of that number.)  Now I will know what I have and what I need for school.  Now I won't forget to use a resource because I couldn't find it or forgot we had it.  Now I won't buy anymore copies of Huckleberry Finn (found 3 lol!)  This project took all day but it is done and I am happy. :)

Now for the bad news.  The A.C. started making a goofy noise and has quit. :(  Not good here in the Sunshine State.  Not good at all.  We have a window unit running but it hardly cools the room it's in, let alone the whole house.  It's like 85 degrees in here and it's night!  So dh being the wonderfully capable and totally handy man that he is has been troubleshooting all evening and has the problem narrowed down to a few parts, ranging from $7 to $Oh man we have to buy a whole new unit.  He'll know more in the morning after he replaces a few things.  Sigh.  I sure hope it's the $7 thing.  Try finding an A.C. guy to replace your unit in the middle of summer in Florida.  Yeah, that's right.

So there is my progress on the homeschool planning front.  At least I have an excuse to spend all day planning's too hot to do housework!!  Thank goodness I let dh talk me into a laptop.  Guess who has dibs on the chair by the window unit? ;)


  1. Oh no. I will be saying some prayers for you. Get those fans going and find a pool to jump in.

  2. Don'tcha just love books?
    I am so glad that I stopped on over here and will be back VERY soon! Come see me at Mustard Seeds... I have a few giveaways going on!
    Good luck with the A/C!


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