Thursday, July 10, 2008

Homeschool Planning, or Someone Get Me Off The Internet!

Okay, I realized this past weekend that I have less than a month before we start school again. I really need that much time to get ready (or more!) With 3 little ones in different grade levels (preschool, elementary and middle) it's a lot of planning. I am going to stay on top of things this year and make it our best year yet. Yep, that's my new motto. That's what I'm telling myself. So I start my mornings with a cup of sweet tea and hop on my computer. There is where it all goes downhill folks. I check email, visit friends' sites, write down recipes and other ideas from my bloglines visits, go to other "networks" I'm involved in, tweak my blog a little...uh oh, it's WHAT TIME?? Okay, let me start the laundry, make the beds, empty and refill dishwasher, feed some kids, read said kids some books, play outside with said kids, step on a time to pick up legos, vacuum and straighten in preparation for dh's arrival home, switch laundry, start dinner, spend some time with dh, clean up kitchen, more time with kiddos, baths and beds, etc. You see where this is going? No time at all spent planning. Someone get me off the darn internet!! Oh, therein lies the rub...I use the internet to research, plan, even make homeschool purchases. Yeah, and along the way I'm at Yahoo and see an interesting headline I just have to click which leads to this and that and...maybe I need some kind of blocker for myself to keep me away from the time draining sites. Nah, I just need a little discipline. And a lot more time in the day. :)

Disclaimer: I promise the next post titled "Homeschool Planning" will have some actual homeschool planning in it.

Note: Why aren't the words "lego," "homeschool," and "internet" included in the spell check?

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  1. ROFL!!
    This is SO me. I get on the internet for one thing and a LONG time later I realize I forgot why I got on in the first place.
    We will be doing a co-op this year, so I'm going to enjoy my time on the computer now,because come school time, I won't have the time.


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