Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Review: Teddy Grahams Trail Mix


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Have you seen these yet?  The Teddy Grahams brand has a new trail mix treat and they are yummy!  The kids and I tried out both flavors, Bears & Bees (the sweet version with teddy grahams, graham bees, pretzels and yogurt covered raisins) and Bears & Cheese Crackers (the "salty" version with Cheese Nips and pretzels.) 

You know how "adult" versions of trail mix have nuts or other ingredients that you might not want to introduce to your kids yet, or that the kids just pick out anyway?  Not so with this kid friendly trail mix.  Yet it's still healthy with no cholesterol and low fat.  At first my kids just picked out what they liked as usual, but then they realized they liked all the pieces and just ate it all lol!

I found out about Teddy Grahams Trail Mix through an offer for a free sample, and then discovered their cool website that has stories and games to go along with the product.  Think of all the homeschool connections with this...sorting and graphing, taste tests, etc.  But mainly, they just taste good and make a wholesome snack.

Thanks to Angela for hosting Tuesday Reviews.  I have gotten all kinds of good advice from this informative meme.  Be sure and check it out (and join in!)


  1. sorry about that, mr. linky is now up! These sound great. i have always loved Teddy Grahams, I have never seen them with trail mix-i'm shopping tonight and will look for them for sure! I also love your disney post, we are hoping to go Jan 2010, I know thats a while away but I love the thought of planning it.


  2. I got some of those and the kids LOVED them!


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