Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Homeschool Planning:Day 3

Day 3 of spending most of the day planning.  Things are going well.  I have a pretty good routine going, where I get up, shower and dress and hit the computer.  I work on plans all morning with breaks to feed or tend to kids.  They have been doing well entertaining themselves in the mornings...ds1 and ds2 by sleeping in and the little ones with Legos and games.  I work until noon and stop to make lunch and play with the kids for a while.  Around 3:00 I do a quick sweep of the house, starting laundry, making beds, doing dishes, swishing down bathrooms and vacuuming.  Then it's dinner time and I take care of making and cleaning up after that.  I have also been lucky this week to have dh take over baths and evening playtime so I could do some more work.  However, not tonight!  One of my favorite t.v. shows is back for a new season and I will be glued to the tube for at least an hour tonight lol!  We don't watch much t.v. around here, especially me.  Just nothing really worth it.  Plus with it being summer we are outside tending the yard or just playing.

So just what did I do today?  Completed a scope and sequence plan for ds2's reading and made lesson plans for his first two books.  Then I decided while I was going through books to tackle the dreaded project of making a database of all our books.  Whew, my fingers are on fire with all the typing!  But I have a good Microsoft Works database going with over 150 entries already.  Too hot to tackle the books on the shelves in the garage, so maybe before or after my show tonight I can do that.  Or maybe I'll just give myself a break and read a little. :)  Still, progress is being made!


  1. Hey Julie,
    I am glad you are making progress on your school work. That is a good thing.
    BTW, I tagged you on my blog.

  2. Don't you just love the final stretch of planning? For some reason, I love putting it off. It's a mind thing. LOL


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