Monday, August 11, 2008

Destination Disney: Photo Hot


Heidi has taken over hosting Destination Disney for Jennifer.  I am more than happy to stay up with this carnival, it is so much fun for a Disney freak fan like me. :)

This week's theme is hot.  Here's a story, not really connected to my post.  Long ago, (like in the 90's lol) we went to Disney, in the summer, when Florida was "on fire" as my children put it.  We were experiencing wild fires throughout the state and drove past some on our way to and from the resort that trip.  And man, that was H-O-T.  It was then that we vowed never, ever to go to Disney during the summer again. :)

Now for my photo contributions.  When I think of the theme of hot at Disney, I think of the Backlot Tour ride at the Studios (I never can remember what you are supposed to call that park anymore.  I mean, pick a name and go with it for crying out loud lol!)  Anyway, on the Backlot Tour you supposedly get to go behind scenes on a closed set...but the set's not closed, they are filming, and it's a scene where a tanker truck has caught fire!  And let me tell you, even from as far away as your seat is on the tram, you can feel the heat from this thing!


Not to worry, they eventually put out the fire and give you a way to cool off.


Ahh, that's better.  Btw, here is an "insider's tip":  if you don't want to get wet on rides be sure and sit in a seat that is dry...if it has water on it the person before you got wet honey.  Yep, learned this the hard way.  Aren't you glad I am passing on this wealth of info?  Go check out the other entries for hot Disney photos at Review by Heidi.  'Cause I said so, that's why!!


  1. Julie~ Thanks so much. I'm glad you were able to participate this time! You totally blogged about the perfect HOT spot at Disney. I totally forgot about this - so thanks for the reminder. We always enjoy this ride.

    You're too funny! Glad you'll be continuing to participate in DD. And you're right - some people signed Mr. Linky and didn't post. Not sure what's up with that!

    Maybe we can get more people to share when I get my very cool DD graphics. My friend is making the kind that change (too cool!)

  2. Hi Julie,
    You can really feel the fire there, that is HOT. Thanks for cooling me down with the water falling, after the fire.

    Your insider tip about what wet seats mean is too funny, btw. TTFN!


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