Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Children's Classics: Books for middle readers



Okay, here is one of the Tuesday memes hosted by 5 Minutes For Books.  This month we are to discuss our favorite classic book for middle readers (about 8-12 yo.)  I am going to share my experiences with my two older boys and their favorite books.  I don't  have my kiddos use "readers" for their schooling.  I pick classic and award winning books for them to read every year.  There are so many great books out there, why waste the little time you have to expose them to them by using "readers?"  Anyway, both of my boys listed Tom Sawyer as their favorite with My Side Of The Mountain in a close second.  Here are some suggested questions from the site to get us started.

Would you recommend the book? To whom?

I would definitely recommend the books, especially for boys.  It can be hard to find good classics, or any books to interest older boys, but these two definitely do that.  The stories are good and the writing style is not too hard for them to work through.

If you wouldn't recommend it, why do you think it's been so popular?

Has your child recently discovered a classic author? What is his or her perspective on the differences in classic and contemporary children's writing?

Ds2, my 13yo enjoyed Tom Sawyer so much he read many other Twain books on his own.  Last year he read A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck for school,  and asked if there were any more books by this author as he enjoyed it so much...and the main character was a girl, which surprised me lol.  Ds2 said while the writing styles may differ in classic and contemporary writing, it is the story that keeps him interested in both.  The adventures of children his age  interest him whether written recently or not.

Have you recently shared a childhood favorite with your own child? How did you each respond to it?

I was in to Trixie Belden when I was young, so no, my sons have no interest in that lol.


  1. I really liked Tom Sawyer. What a mischevious little imp he was.

    My mother loved Trixie Beldan. I never read it. I was a Nancy Drew girl myself.

  2. Ahhh Trixie Belden. I collected the series and have them sitting right beside me, in fact. But no, I suppose they wouldn't really be a "boys thing." =)

    Thanks for participating!

  3. I haven't read My Side of the Mountain. I need to check both of these out to enjoy with my son!

  4. How funny I posted Tom Sawyer too! I loved Mark Twain as a kid growing up around Hannibal, Mo.!! And I loved My Side of the Mountain! I wanted to go live in the woods after reading that. I also loved Trixie Belden - just started re-reading them. And I loved Nancy Drew too. My best friend and I would "play" Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden and try to solve our own mysteries! :D

  5. I just commented on my love of Trixie Belden at one of the other posts!

    Thanks for focusing on boys' books. I will have to look into Richard Peck for my daughter. Haven't heard of it, but she loves adventure.

    Jennifer (5 Minutes for Books)

  6. I was just wondering when my oldest (5) will be ready for Tom Sawyer as a read aloud book.

    LOVED Trixie Belden. From those I went into Nancy Drew. I hear the Hardy Boys is a a boy version of Nancy. Maybe your guys would like those.

  7. Tom Sawyer was also one of my favorites...along with Robinson Crusoe, made me believe it would be so cool to get lost on an island. I also loved Nancy Drew. But never heard of Trixie Belden.


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