Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Can't Wait Until She Sleeps Through The Night

And I know what you are thinking, she has all boys, what is she talking about?  I am talking about this beautiful creature.


This is Mimi.  We found her under a car at Wal-Mart and she has been a wonderful addition to our family (and helper with the laundry as you can see.)  We are not sure just how old she is.  We've had her about 5 months now and the vet said she was probably 4 months old when we found her, but no one is sure.  She is a tiny thing and definitely plays like a kitten.  And she is 100% attached to me.  Wherein lies my problem.

Mimi goes in and out, but lately has been staying in at night, which I kind of prefer.  However, she has developed this awful habit of coming into my room around 2 or 3 in the morning.  Which again, I don't mind.  My oldest kitty Katy sleeps with me all the time, usually at the foot of the bed and I hardly know she is there.  Not Mimi.  She climbs into the bed, positions herself on my pillow and begins to purr.  LOUDLY.  It just goes on and on.  My husband will jostle my pillow and her engine will go into idle for a few minutes, but soon she is at full throttle again.  After it is clear she is not going to stop any time soon I get up and go to the kitchen, and of course she follows.  I give her a little treat of milk and plod back into bed, hoping this will satisfy her.  Sometimes it does, sometimes we play for a while before I sneak back to bed.

But these nightly interruptions are hurtin' me, man.  I am feeling seriously sleep deprived.  And no, I can't close the bedroom door, dh says it gets too stuffy that way.  So I resolved to buck up and put her out every night.  And then of course last night it storms like crazy so all four cats were in the house.  Sigh.  They are lucky I love them so. :)


  1. Nightly interruptions...I can relate to that. It was my daughter for many years and now her baby brother.

  2. That is why our cat is out at night. If he accidently gets left in, he makes his presence and want to go out known very loudly around 3 or 4 a.m. And I am usually the one who hears him and then can't go back to sleep! We found him as a kitten and I mean a very small kitten, 14 years ago. He is a grumpy old man now.

    As for my school name, yes, we do use that name. Glad I didn't have to come up with a new school name baby #5 came along :-) Would love to hear the name your boys come up with.


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