Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wifey Wednesday: Time Together


I've never participated in this meme before, but I heard Sheila Wray Gregoire talk at the HOTM virtual homeschool conference and loved it!  She is so funny and smart and I subscribed to her blog's feed.  Well, Wifey Wednesdays came up so I decided to join in.  Hey, I have been a wife for 20 years now, I must be doing something right lol.

This week's topic is about finding time or making time to be with your spouse.   This is from Sheila's site.

What ideas do you have? How do you keep together even when schedules are crazy? How do you coordinate time with your husband? I'd love to hear your suggestions, or even other thoughts you may have on marriage.
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This truly is important to a relationship.  The more time you spend apart, the more you get used to being apart.  You get caught up in your own routines and can soon find it difficult when you are actually may feel it's an intrusion or your not sure how to act together anymore.  Don't let this happen!

Dh and I value and protect what little time we do get to spend together.  We say no to invites or requests that will draw us apart and intrude on our time together.  So yeah, I don't sign up every co-op or homeschool group in our area...all the meetings, emails, etc. are big time consumers.  Dh makes it a point to limit the committees and groups he signs up for for work or outside work.  When he has to travel for work he arranges it so either the whole family or at least I can go with him.

So how are we spending all this lovely quality time?  We watch news and sports together (and bless his heart, dh watches Project Runway with me lol.)  We talk about our day, plan projects or discuss politics while we cleanup after dinner.  We go for walks around the neighborhood while the kiddos bike or run ahead of us.  And we take full advantage of our older kids being able to watch our youngsters for real "private" time. ;)  And sometimes I'll be reading a book and he'll be involved in some project on his computer, but we are together and in the same room.  And we like it. :)  Hey, I still love being with the guy even after 20 years...and I'm praying for 20x20 more.


  1. Great post and ideas. I find that no matter how hard we try, sometimes we just get "disconnected" because we both get so busy we can barely find time to snatch a quick hug or kiss and then we are off to what we need to do. These are usually short periods of time. We always, always acknowledge what's going on rather than ignore it. We always make sure the other understands/agrees that "this is one of those times and that we will get out of it soon. When it's over we breathe a sigh of relief, together.

    I have just seen too many women get angry and insecure when those times come up, rather than just acknowledge that it is a normal part of marriage. Of course we want to do our best to avoid times like those, but they will happen!

    Well I guess I just wrote a long post!

  2. Thanks for your prayers for a safe journey to N.Yorkshire.
    The wedding was lovely - they make such a great couple!
    Unfortunately our car broke down on the way home, so we had to get a ride from a pick-up truck - and it was a long way!!
    Anyway, we did get home OK in the end. As for the car, we won't know until tomorrow morning when our mechanic has a look at it. Depending on the cost, it might get repaired or scrapped!


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