Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Need Of Some Time And Space

I am taking a little break.  I am making myself get off the blogging scene until at least Tuesday, maybe longer if needed.  My heart is broken over what happened to a homeschooling family that I have never met, but know through blogging.  It has torn me up, made me ill.  I encounter reminders every time I log on and read blogs or check my mail or make comments.  I feel myself getting into a real funk and my family doesn't deserve that from me.  So I am turning my full attention to them.  I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.


"Is any one of you in trouble?  He should pray."  James 5:13

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  1. I know what you mean, hearing of the family's loss really weighed heavy on my heart too. Sometimes it gets to be too much on our spirits and we need a break, good for you for taking it! I enjoyed your disney post too, your such a disney expert-I can't wait to go again, we are excited about it.



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