Monday, September 1, 2008

Outdoor Hour Challenge: Bees


Our Outdoor Hour challenge for this week was a focus on bees.  I have a bunch of kiddos who apparently are scared of bees lol.  Well, not ds2 who actually volunteered to go out and catch one (uh, no you don't sir.)  However, ds3 and ds4 would not budge to go outside when I mentioned we would be on the lookout for bees.  I didn't say we'd be touching them or hunting them down or anything!  So ds2 and I were the only ones to brave the bees and actually head outside this time.  It did not take long at all to encounter our subjects.  We saw bees on the ground, in the air, on flowers.   I couldn't get a good pic today, but found this in my picture folder on the computer.


Look at that big guy!  We used the zoom feature on the computer and really got a good look at him.  We read about bees in the handbook, and I printed up some worksheets from Enchanted Learning.


Here are ds2 (on the left) and ds3's journal entries.  Ds3 did not feel like drawing so he made up a story about bees and I pasted that into his journal.


This is a worksheet that ds4 colored on.

I am in a bit of a panic as I cannot find our nature notebook!!  I've been keeping a printout of all the challenges, pics of the kids during their outdoor time, and the various worksheets in a 3 ring binder with protective sheets since we began these challenges!!  I so win the most un-organized homeschooling mom ever award.

UPDATE: Found it.  I so win the most over-reacting, most un-organized homeschooling mom award.  :)

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  1. Bees can be a little scary....glad you were able to convince some of the kids to go out with you to look for bees. :)

    Glad you found your notebook too!

    Thanks for the link,
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom


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