Monday, September 1, 2008

You Want Nature? I Got Your Nature...

My dh went out to see if my drooping sunflower heads had any good seeds in them.  He found this...


Look closely now and be prepared to shriek like I did.  It looks like it's covered in dead leaves...but those are bugs!!!  I know, UGH!!!  They are leaffooted bugs in all stages of life.  The brown ones with the stripe on the back are full grown, the little red ones are babies, and deep inside are even some eggs.  It is disgusting!!  My poor sunflowers.  But it turns out there were lots of seeds. ;)  Sorry to gross you out so early in the morning.  Just waiting for "Gus" to make his way through.

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  1. What a neat nature post. We had bugs like that on the backs of our sunflowers too. Yuck!
    Praying for you as Gus passes through.
    How are you liking Globalmania for Geography? I have that, but so far haven't used it yet.


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